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Ask Ann—Our Ask Ann service is a digital diagnostic service in which you can send digital images, talk with Ann directly or email. You receive a customized report of your diagnosis, this service is based on “Time”. We offer: 2hrs, 4hrs & 8hrs, all of which Ann keeps track of. You can order now by clicking on the Ask Ann tab at the top of the home page. Some of the benefits are: No hassle of physically sending in plant samples (cost savings), personal contact with Dr. Chase, Fast answers – 1 day turn around, customized control strategy, usually less than 2hr answer response to request, no expiration date.

Training—Need to train your sales staff?  We offer customized training at your facility,   where we can show them what to look for with all the different plant diseases and integrated strategies for the best control.  We specialize in practical solutions including cultural, biological and conventional chemical control for diseases.

Chase DigestChase Digest is our industry wide magazine which will be replaced our long time newsletter Chase News in 2013.  Chase Digest covers everything from disease diagnosis, cultural controls and the latest on fungicides to insects and mites,  weed ID and control strategies.  We also feature editorials on issues of the day and reviews of products from industry standards to those newly registered. We offer 3 different subscription tiers, Individual, Small Business and Corporate.

Chase BaseChase Base is being expanded to include work conducted with Dr. Chase at grower sites throughout the US.  Why spend hours searching the web for these results (if you can find them).  Let us do the work for you as we present concise reports on these important trials.  We will also be including work that is not available to you in any other place.  Knowing what a product can do before you buy it can save you a lot of money and valuable time.  Many of the experimental fungicides are now registered products and the trials have been updated to reflect their trade names.

Chase ArchivesChase Archives is a great new way to access all of the information we have gathered over the past 11 years and presented in Chase News.  If you have ever wondered if we covered a specific disease or fungicide this is your answer.  The archive includes all of the issues from each volume of Chase News and can be searched by plant, disease and fungicide.  The searchable format provides a newly useful tool which you can subscribe to to a year, three years or your lifetime.  Even if you have been a subscriber for years, you will find this an easy way to get quick answers to your disease control questions.

AnnswersAnnswers provides the same service as Ask Ann but for those who only need a quick 1 or 2 questions answered for a flat rate.  This service is the only service that is paid by credit card only.

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